Select multiple partition to deploy/capture

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    I’ve tried today to capture only one partition and deploy it on 300 hots without problem.
    Is there a way to capture a whole disk and deploy only one or more partitions ?

    It’ll be very usefull when you create de deploy task to select one or more partition you want to deploy.

    In my case : I’ve One partition Windows (OS), one partition Linux (OS), one partition Windows (data) and one partition Linux (data). In some cases I’ve to update two or more partitions. To do that I deploy the whole disk on each host instead deployed only the partitions updated.


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    Hi, thank’s a lot for your answers !

  • Whatever the consensus is, I’ll be able to make a #wiki page for it and link here. We just need to be sure the consensus works ;-)

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    @Tom-Elliott Actually I think it may be the other way around (I can only give an explanation of what I think I understood).

    Lets say you have a reference computer that is a dual boot with both win and linux, and lets say there are 5 partitions 1,2,3 are windows and 4,5 are linux. Now lets say after some time you update your reference image with a new version of linux but don’t change the drive geometry. Now lets say I want to push out this to all of my computers. I just want to update he linux partitions but not touch the windows stuff. So then I might hack the image definitions to only deploy the partitions I’m interested in (edit: when I first read Sebastian’s comments I understood hacking the captured image configuration files. But I see he might be referencing the image definition in the gui so no code may be required). This way the new linux image will be deployed without altering the windows bits.

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    @george1421 my understanding is there is no need for a scripted portion of the console. It’s easier to say, if you’re capturing just get the whole thing. It’s the deploy, ultimately, that’s need to be pushed properly. I’m not so sure how to get an upload of a specific partition so it doesn’t overwrite the whole image though.

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    @Sebastian-Roth So then is this something that can be scripted into the FOG console? Rewrite that file based on the partition you want to deploy and then rewrite it properly after the deploy is done?

    I can’t say how many people “need” this feature vs the developers time to implement. If it is only a handful of people then a wiki page would be in order to explain what needs to be done. If its 10 or more then it may be worth the developers time to see if its possible (since the process has already been confirmed by Thiago).

    I don’t have the answer only raising the question of should it be considered.

  • @Sebastian-Roth @ch3i
    tested with my dual boot system (Vista/Debian8) and worked!!.

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    @ch3i @Thiago Be aware, this is untested and I am not absolutely sure if it works!! … but as far as I can remember you should be able to capture the image as normal, then edit your image definition in the FOG web gui (set to the single partition you want to deploy) and run a deploy job. There was an issue with deploying single partitions some time ago but I am pretty sure Tom and I have fixed this. Please give it a try and let us know. Keep in mind to change back the image definition to full disk when you are done with deploying the single partition because on the next upload it would then upload the single partition only…

  • @ch3i
    I am in the same situation here.

  • It’d probably create more complications than it’s worth, just my opinion. 99% of the time people using fog want to deploy the whole image.

    You could always make changes to the init, and use kernel arguments to tell the init what you want done. It’s not something that I think should be mainstream though.