Printer Config File

  • @Wayne-Workman

    Hi All,

    I"m configuring a new printer in a lab and am up against a wall trying to figure out how to install this guy. I don’t have any CFG files in the extracted printer install EXE. I have an inf file and I have an ini file but no where is their a CFG file.

    Any ideas?


    Joe Gill

  • It’s not required, it’s optional.

    You will find the printer helper program that Joe made quite useful.
    Basically, manually install the printer, then fire up the helper program, it will give you the values to use in the FOG web UI.

    If you have issues getting the printer to deploy, you can plug these values into the helper’s Add Printer section and if somethings wrong it’ll give you an error about it. Download the latest version of it from here:

    I want to make a video all about it, but I don’t have a network printer at home. 😞
    Anyone want to donate an old network printer?

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