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  • My network consists of 4 different subnets.


    I have not figured out how to image across subnets so I have set up a FOG server at each location. However when I create a base image I have to go in and change the FOG config file after each deployment so that it will look for the local FOG server and then do its auto domain join and other tasks. Any way to put multiple servers in the config file so I don’t have to create a base image for each location?

  • @jflanagin again, that article I posted below would help you setup what George just explained.

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    @jflanagin In your case since you have a 100MB pipe between the remote sites and your HQ and you only have a few hundred computers the best way to set this up is to use a full FOG server at HQ and then FOG Storage nodes at each location. Then within the FOG Master node (at HQ) you will install the location plugin. Then with the location plugin create 4 locations and assign a storage node to that location. Configure the dhcp server at each location to send dhcp 66 and 67 to the local storage node. Your images (that can only be captured on the FOG master node at HQ) will automatically replicate to each storage node. If you update an image at HQ it will automatically replicate to all storage nodes in the same storage group. You will probably want to change the fog client check in interval to be something like 15 minutes or more from the default 5 minute check in to reduce wan traffic. This way there is only one fog server and no need to mess with the FOG config file on the target computers.

  • @george1421

    1. 100Mb
    2. Couple Hundred
    3. I have a unique image. Once it completes i have to go into the config file and change the fog server address so the fog client will work.

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    @jflanagin Ok just a few more questions (I forgot to ask)

    1. Since these are different physical locations, what is the bandwidth you have between these locations and HQ.
    2. How many workstations do you have total at allocations? And at your largest remote location?
    3. How do you deploy your images, do you have a single image that is deployed across all locations or do you have unique images for each location?

    While these questions might seem mundane it does add value to get you the best solution.

  • @jflanagin Have a look at this. Keep in mind the video only shows one possibility, there are others too.

  • @george1421

    They are at separate physical locations.
    Individual Servers
    I know nothing of the location plugin
    I’ll see what I can do. Def up for your input

    1. They are at separate physical locations.
    2. 1.2.0
    3. Individual Servers
    4. I know nothing of the location plugin
    5. I’ll see what I can do. Def up for your input

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    First lets collect some intel on your setup.

    1. Are your subnets all at the same location?
    2. What version of FOG are you running
    3. If your 4 fog servers, are they individual fog servers or do you have one master FOG server and 3 slave (or as known in FOG as storage nodes)?
    4. Do you know about the location plugin?
    5. Are you willing to redesign things a bit if it makes your deployments work a bit better?

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