Images from old FOG Server 0.32 to new FOG Server 1.0.2

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    I’m trying to do this. I have old images from 0.32 that I want to use on 1.0.2. I was planning to just copy from an external harddrive the Images folder and put them on the new server. You’re all saying that the new FOG server will not see them old images though, correct? Just wondering if anyone ever did get it to work so that old FOG images can be moved to a newer server.


  • @Wayne-Workman Thanks so much for your reply Wayne. I really appeciate the info. Also, we just went ahead just now and updated it to 1.3.0.

  • @Wayne-Workman Oops, I had a typo. Actually it is 1.2.0. Very sorry about that.

  • People move images to another server all the time successfully, and this is a common question.

    1. You should not be installing 1.0.2. Upgrade to FOG 1.3.0 RC please.
    2. Copy over the images to the new server’s images directory. Set permissions recursively to 777.
    3. Create a image definition for each, be sure the path for each image definition is exactly as it is on the OS’s disk. Linux is case sensitive. If the image was resizable on the old server, it should be marked as resizable on the new one. If non-resizable, then non-resizable.
    4. Images created on 0.32 should be marked to use PartImage instead of PartClone.

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