FOG checkin time

  • can i change the checking time for waiting machines. i think them all checking in is slowing the system down.

  • Senior Developer

    Check in time cannot be changed. The checking time out can be but this is not what you’re looking for.

    It is highly doubtful checkins are causing issues as they are not spamming the server very often (one check every 5 seconds per machine.) If it were a server spamming issue it would most likely come from progress reporting as that checks in every 3 seconds. However the slowdown on images is the main issue as quazz and Wayne pointed out.

    While I suppose removing intermediary requests could help lessen the work stop/start, this would be primarily micro-optimizing as all the checkin does is update state, if needed, and decide if it is safe to start doing the tasking.

  • I explored this here:

    The conclusion that I came to on my own is - unicasting is heavy, and heavier if you run many many at once. It’s disk IOPS endlessly basically. Lower your maximum clients, use Multicast, get a better server with faster disks.

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    There’s no setting for that.

    If they all (or several large groups) require the same image deployed, you might have a better time with Multicast.

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