TFTP Server Prompt - PXE Boot

  • Some clients get stuck at the below during PXE boot since I got the new Fog server up. I know its version 1.3.0 but I don’t have the rest at the moment since I’m not on-site:

    Received DHCP answer on interface net0
    Please enter tftp server: _

    Any idea why some would prompt for the server?

  • @Quazz is correct.

  • @Quazz You’re right! thank you… I forgot to turn off the old DHCP in the lab network with the issue. Problem solved (for me)

  • Hi, I’ve the same issue.
    In my environment, DHCP is windows server.
    I’m on an ubuntu 14.04, with latest git release of fog 1.3 (19fb2e43e6798499fb293a9e5627f420d5053571)

    the client with the issue, is an hyper-V VM client.
    If I manually insert the tftp server IP, it works

    I’ve another server configured in the same way (I installed both at the same time, step by step, on two different networks), and on that server, I had the issue only once.

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    This is a DCHP server issue. It nearly always happens when there are two DHCP servers fighting over who gets to deliver information.

  • Senior Developer

    @Motech09 Please tell us more about your setup. Who is serving DHCP? ISC-DHCP (FOG default), dnsmasq, windows DHCP, other? Wouldn’t hurt if you post your configuration here as well.

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