So this /IMAGES/DEV folder?

  • So is this something that can be cleared out? Mines approx 400 gigs in it. I would like to empty this out and get this back if possible.

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    @EAHarvey You might want to check your /images folder contents, though.

    The way image capture works is they get placed in /images/dev first and then at the end they get moved to /images and renamed to the proper destination name.

    This moving process uses FTP, failure to move them indicates some sort of issue with that, most likely credentials, but if you’ve recently run the (trunk) FOG installer, this should already be corrected in the mean time.

  • Perfect!! Done and Done.

  • /images/dev are where in-progress uploads go to by default. If you have anything in there, it suggests you have FTP issues at least at some point, or had several partial uploads that failed to complete for some reason.

    After an upload complets, it’s moved from /images/dev to /images/<imageName>.

    So yes, you may safely delete everything in there. You can do that with rm -rf /images/dev/* The only file you must have in there is the /images/dev/.mntcheck file, which is just a blank file that you can make like this: touch /images/dev/.mntcheck