• Re: Recommended guide for Windows 10 image creation (from scratch) ?

    I am having trouble trying to create a Windows 10 image… Is there a step by step guide? I try to boot into audit mode but the built in admin account can not get internet access… Please help

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    Depending on your hardware, you may need the right driver.

    Or if you’re in a VM, you need to select the right device to emulate.

  • I didn’t ask, what exactly is not working? I am sysprepping/imaging Windows 10 in my environment fine. Not on desktops yet, but we have it on 3 different models of Dell laptops and also the Surface Pro 3s and 4s.

  • I’ve not made up my mind about Edge yet. I’ve not been able to use it really, since it doesn’t come with Win10 LTSB. It’s supposed to be rebuilt from the ground up to be a modern browser, as well as being designed to fully work with websites that utilize touch. Not just click touch or scroll touch, but like interactive multi-finger touch interaction like you would expect from a high-end smartphone game. I’m looking forward to trying it out, but that doesn’t look like it’ll be anytime soon.

  • @Scott-Adams thank you, I am aware, but I prefer the third party browsers (as I’m sure we all do) and install them as part of my image.

  • @theBiggestRick Internet Explorer is still available in Windows 10. Not necessary to install another browser.

    If you click in the “Cortana” search at the bottom left of the task bar, you can just type in Internet Eplorer (Easy Way).

    Or, browse to the actual location of Internet Explorer, “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”

  • I am also having issues with Windows 10 and sysprep, but not because of the internet access. Windows by default restricts the built in administrator from using edge for security reasons (I assume), so you may have internet access, but not a browser to use. I get around this by saving another browser installer on a network share and browsing to that.

  • It’s strange that the admin account doesn’t have Internet access. Perhaps do network troubleshooting. First step is to check for loose or damaged patch cables. Next check for an IP address on the machine. 169.254.x.x indicates no dhcp lease recieved. If you have a good address, next ping the router (the gateway). If that succeeds, try to ping which is google’s primary dns address. If that works, ping www.google.com. If you get this far and pinging google fails, you have a dns issue.