Fog Client Included After Imaging

  • Does Fog install the Fog client onto clients after they are imaged? We had an older Fog server that after we imaged computers the fog client was automatically included but I did not set that server up, whereas, I did set up a new Fog server and the Fog client is not installed after a PC is imaged.

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    @sourcaffeine At the bottom of this document: search for sysprep.

  • @george1421 Where is it documented that the FOG Client service needs to be disabled before capture?

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    The FOG client needs to be included in the reference image (with the service disabled) before you capture it. Posts deployment you would use the setupcomplete.cmd file to reenable the service. This keeps the fog client for executing commands to early in the OOBE install process that causes an install failure.

    With that said you can include (inject) the fog client install post imaging with a fog post install script. This script would (in concept) copy the msi from the fog server to the target computer and then append the msi install commands to the setupcomplete.cmd file that will be executed once the OOBE process is complete. But the FOG server does not do this out of the box.

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