• anyone implemented FOG Server on WAMP stack. I would like to have FOG server installed on a Windows server. IF any of you have already done this, could you share the final build files for Fog Server or any notes on what challenges you faced and how you’ve overcome them.

  • Thanks George and Wayne for your advise.

  • Not to mention, creating the CA, private cert, public cert, getting all the FOG Services to work - like FOGScheduler, FOGPingHosts, FOGMulticastManager, and others. And how to multicast from Windows? There isn’t a udpsender for windows, and the FOGMulticastManger uses udpsender. There’s several issues with running on windows.

    My personal opinion - Open Source software deserves an Open Source operating system.
    Linux is free, and powers wall-street, Google, Nasa, the NSA, several governments around the world, the HP Printers in your environment, probably your cell phone, most of the websites in the world (including this one), Probably your home router, and many others. I don’t understand why you would even want windows.

    And not to mention - even if you get it to work on windows - you’ll probably have all sorts of NEW problems that nobody here has even seen before. And we won’t be much help with those because 1. We’ve not seen them before, 2. you’re an edge case and 3. Regular installs using Linux need help and are not edge cases, 4. we are volunteers and our time is limited. And, any troubleshooting will be painfully slow - and probably some if not many will go unresolved. Not to mention, the poor guy that comes in behind you and finds a Windows fog server is going to have no idea how to take care of it.

    If you want stability, better support, and faster answers to your questions, you should use Linux.

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    In theory it should work for the fog server. The difficulty would be to get all of the required php modules installed properly. Once apache, mysql, and php were running properly you would need the reset of the bits like tftp, nfs, ftp setup.

    The other part you will need to setup is the storage node bits. I did write a proof of concept document to turn a windows server into a fog storage node: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/6941/windows-server-as-fog-storage-node-proof-of-concept-blog

    The hardest part would be get wamp working, the storage node part will work as I have documented it above.

    But understand this configuration is not supported. The developers (once 1.3.0 stable is released) will be working on FOG 2.0 which is based on node.js which is portable across many platforms (even Raspberry Pi). FOG 2.0 will be a huge step, but also will create a very portable FOG installation. As it stands now FOG 2.0 is at least 2 years out of beta.

    Your best choice is to install Centos 7 or Ubuntu 14.06 and install from there, until FOG 2.0 is released.