Host Name the Same in FOG PXE

  • @Wayne-Workman
    I noticed that one of my machines on our network is getting the same name in FOG PXE as another machine that has already been fogged. The identical named machine was never on the network prior. When I booted it up to FOG PXE it was already named the same name as another host. Is it possible for the machines to have identical MAC addresses? If so what’s the best solution?




  • @Joe-Gill Honestly this is usually the case with the “love / hate” relationship that so many people on the internet have with FOG. I’m not saying you’re not good at this, you are and are a valued community member. But people will often simply do something wrong and blame fog, or they just don’t understand how things function and when it doesn’t work, they blame fog. I have the feeling that these people have these sorts of issues with non-fog things too.

    I do my best to keep the wiki updated, and clear. It’s kind of this huge monster with all these old pages that I have no idea what to do with besides to just make notes about them being old or what version they apply to. On one hand, I’d like to just wipe the slate clean, but on the other hand the older pages have value and do help in some capacity sometimes.

    But, the more people we have here on the forums that will help, the better. The more people that are willing to write good documentation, the better. The more people willing to make video tutorials, the better. We just need more willing people - to really push out tutorials and documentation and help. Because simple things like what you found you did today - that ruins some people’s attitudes towards fog, and that’s a shame. And if everyone that had issues asked here, we may not have enough time to answer them all. This summer was especially difficult on the forums, with upwards of 70 new posts daily. The forums is getting very close to one-million views a month… And that’s simply because FOG is growing in popularity because it’s a superior project and open-source. It’s time it also grew in community volunteers as well.

  • @Tom-Elliott

    I just wanted to update this post… I discovered my error. I must have done a quick registration and added that machine to the other lab by accident because the other lab only had 15 machines in it and this was machine 16. LOL!

    Thanks guys!

  • Senior Developer

    What version are you running? If I remember correctly there was an issue similar to what you’re describing in RC 3 or 4 but it has since been fixed.

  • @Joe-Gill One last query, please. Give me the exact verbatium hostname that is having issues, and I’ll give you another query to run.

  • @Wayne-Workman It does not have other macs. I think what’s happened is that this machine got quick added in fog and automatically assigned that host name. It would only make since. The host naming scheme I was using for the other lab only goes to 16 and 17 is next in line.

  • @Joe-Gill The query only returned one host ID, so that MAC is only associated with one host. Does the machine have other MACs?

  • @Wayne-Workman

    OK… So I finally got to look at this… It appears both DO have identical MAC addresses.

    getmac = b0:83:fe:ac:3f:89
    mysql> SELECT hmHostID FROM hostMAC where hmMAC IN ('b0:83:fe:ac:3f:89')
        -> ;
    | hmHostID |
    |      336 |
    1 row in set (0.00 sec)

    That’s according to FOG. I’ll go check the other host…



  • @Wayne-Workman

    Glad to see it’s not completely unusual. I’ll try that Monday and see if I can’t resolve it. Thanks!



  • Read through this. Not exactly the same issue but basically the same thing to solve.

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