Empty Snapin Tasks

  • Not sure if this is an issue or just an eccentricity of the system so I’m putting it in Developers/General. On 1.3.0 RC8 with client 0.11.5. I noticed this only due to trying to work with no coffee in my system (generally a bad idea this close to the start of the school year). In my non-caffeinated state I created an “All Snapins” task for a host that had no snapins actually assigned to it (obviously not going to do anything). Now the strange thing is that not only does the system create this task just fine it also doesn’t recognize it’s existence client side. This results in an “All Snapins” task that will sit in the active task list but never actually do anything or get picked up by the client. This task would likely happily sit there forever until manually deleted (which works just fine). My guess is that the reason the client doesn’t see this as a snapin task and clear it is that the task is meant to have actual snapins inside of it and since it doesn’t the client doesn’t even see the parent task. As a result the server never clears it out so it just sits there.

    Why anyone would ever do this intentionally I don’t know but I thought I’d bring it to someone’s attention just in case it needs to be addressed. It did have me scratching my head for a bit though since I kept seeing it in the task list. Then of course the obvious dawned on me and I actually assigned snapins to the host and felt like a bit of an idiot for not seeing that sooner :).

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  • Senior Developer

  • Moved to bug reports.

    And thanks for letting us know - I would have never even found that, I don’t think the Devs would either. It’s just not something you “do”.

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