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  • Trying to download kernel 4.1.2 so my Optiplex 5040s will work properly. When I go to the kernel update page, there’s a list of several kernels from 2015, but no download links. Only the older ones from 2014 and earlier have download links. Anyone have a working link to the 4.1.2 kernel download? Need to get these systems imaged.


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    The developers just commented in another thread that 4.7.1 has been re-engineered to support FOG 1.2.0 for those that can’t migrate to 1.3.0 right now. You won’t get support for Win10, gpt disk format, NVMe disks, or the 1000s of improvements in 1.3.0 over 1.2.0, but you will get the latest sata and nic support with 4.7.1

    You can access these kernels here:

    They go into the /var/www/html/fog/service/ipxe directory.

  • @bardicverse You can try upgrading the OS. But I can’t assure that you won’t have a disaster. Maybe it goes fine, maybe not.

    You can most certainly install FOG on an old computer. I run it at home on a P4 with an IDE drive in it. I’m sure what you have laying around is just fine.

  • @Wayne-Workman Thanks for that. Yes, running Ubuntu 12. In a catch 22, would need to wipe this server, but running osticket for tech ticket support. will have to bring that down to install newer os. But also need to get these computers imaged before the new school year starts. Going to have to bite the bullet I guess. I do have a few older pcs that might be able to handle the task too. Decisions, decisions.

  • To use newer kernels - you need to move to FOG 1.3.0 Release Candidate 8.

    1.2.0 only supports kernels up to a certain version, don’t remember what that is but honestly it doesn’t even matter at this point. If you have any problems at all with 1.2.0, the answer is 95% of the time going to be - Move to the latest 1.3.0 RC.

    You should not attempt to upgrade if you’re server is on an old Linux distribution, I.E. CentOS 6, Ubuntu 12, Ubuntu 10, Fedora 18, etc. I’d also not advise trying to upgrade a server OS to something newer, it never goes well - there’s always some gotcha that we don’t know about that takes days to figure out - and that’s if the upgrade doesn’t just flat fail. I’d advise building a new server - so you don’t jeopardize your old one, and once it’s going, just migrate things over.

    Instructions for upgrading to the latest Release Candidate are below:

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