SOLVED Wrong size disk after capture

  • Hi,

    I don’t know if it’s a bug, but with RC8 I’ve uploaded an image (without sysprep, just to backup a new Win10 Anniversary computer with few hours to parameter it fine :() and just after rebbot disk size has decreased and is 99% full : SSD 120 at origin, now 22GB but in disk manager we can see full size disk…


    Any idea on how to restore free space. And of course it’s a bit urgent 😉

    Thanks !

  • resolved with Tom’s help, boot on a debug session then type ntfsresize /dev/sda2 -f -b -P

    Perfect 😉

  • resolved with Tom’s help, boot on a debug session then type ntfsresize /dev/sda2 -f -b -P

    Perfect 😉

  • Senior Developer

    @Matthieu-Jacquart The uploaded image didn’t move back over the original image file is what I’m gathering here.

    To expand your disk, you can do it right from the disk management msc snapin that you have open.

    In the disk management area, however, it appears to see the full size, so why it’s not making that size available tells me the ntfsresize expand method didn’t operate.

    If you can get to a debug session, I can help run the command to expand the volume to the full size.

  • @Tom-Elliott yes, it’s my “test” image, single size - resizable.
    I’ve uploaded another computer 3 days ago with same image and everything was fine…

    Another strange thing is that when I uploaded troubleshot image (this morning), in web management task appears not ended, whereas computer has finished uploaded image and has rebooted. And image stayed in /images/dev/mac-adress/ instead of being moved in images/test…

    So several bug for same upload, but for now I just need to un-shrink the disk
    If you can help me it’ll be great, if not I had to reset my work 😞

  • Senior Developer

    Was this image setup as a resizable image? If not, change the type. It appears the uploaded image was “pre shrunken” and uploaded in a non-resizable state. I only know this because I use Resizable images at work, and they all appear to be working properly.