PXE-E32 tftp timeout only on some machines

  • I have a weird issue that I’m wondering if anybody else has seen. On 99% of the machines I image I have no issues. However on the 1% of other machines get the PXE-E32 tftp timeout error. I can have the machine plugged into the same port as another machine that imaged without any issues, but the machine will still give me the PXE-E32 error. Has anybody else had this issue. My DHCP server already has option 66 and 67 loaded on it.

  • @jamesb Well, if you have ruled out the patch cable, gunk in the chips, RAM, and know that all the other exact-same models work fine, you’re left with just the problematic computer. It could be a bad power supply, giving out too much or too little voltage, or unsteady voltage. Or it could be a bad motherboard.

    You could try to update the firmware on the motherboard to see if it helps.

  • @Wayne-Workman

    The thing is though that the patch cable works on all the other machines. Could the NIC be bad? The DHCP part works, it’s just the TFTP that is timing out.

  • @jamesb Basics first, try a new patch cable.

  • @Wayne-Workman

    Just tried this. Unfortunately it still didn’t work. I even put a stick of ram in from another e5470 that imaged correctly.

  • I’ve seen this before, and yes on 1% also. The port it’s connected to doesn’t matter.

    Sometimes it’s bad RAM, sometimes it’s residual gunk in the chips (soo technical, I know). My solution for the latter problem is to pull the power cable on the system, hit the power button several times, and plug it all back in. Normally this fixes it.

  • BIOS looks to be correct on everything. Booth the NIC first and make sure pxe boot is enabled. I’ve had the same model of laptop (Latitude E5470) image with no issues. However some 5470’s are giving me this issue.

  • Did you check their bios to make sure everything was good there? Also do the same type of machines tend to error out, or is it random?