Normal wipe takes a long time, does not show progress

  • Posting a bug from a previous thread:

    What we ended up finding was that the Normal wipe procedures take about 30 minutes to run on a VM. I’m not sure if this is typical behavior, but it takes about 15 minutes for a Full wipe to run and it shows the progress along the way. I would assume that the Normal wipe would be about 1/4th the amount of time.

    When doing a normal wipe, the boot process hangs here:

    It does wipe the drive ultimately.

    So it could be that the Normal wipe is messed up in two regards (taking a super long time and showing no progress) OR the Full wipe which does show progress is much faster than it should be and isn’t doing an actual full wipe. Happy to help where I can, thanks for looking into this.

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