FOG Snapin Task Never Clears

  • Well, I finally had a small success and got a snapin to work. 🙂 I used a program to convert my batch file to an exe and it seems to have worked successfully to install the software I was after but the snapin task in task manager never seems to clear…

    I’m using RC-8. I have the latest version of the clients on the host computers in question. Let me know what, if any, log files you’d like to see and I’ll post them.

    When I ran this snapin, I did so via basic tasks / advanced / single snapin. Like I said this snapin is an EXE file that was created from a working BAT file…




  • @Wayne-Workman Sounds good. I appreciate the advice! I’m just glad it installed. 🙂

  • @Joe-Gill If you can’t somehow prevent the EXE from causing a reboot, then we can’t help. Often times, EXEs and MSIs have arguments you can pass, sometimes these can specify a reboot or not. I don’t know anything about Sophos, so you will need to look into arguments if any, or a way to have it not reboot. If the snapin needs a reboot to complete successfully, you have to use FOG’s integrated shutdown/reboot for snapins.

  • @Wayne-Workman Any suggestions? I know the Sophos install does cause the machine to reboot… It is built in into their installer.

  • @Joe-Gill It would appear the EXE is causing a reboot, thus preventing the FOG Client from ever reporting in that the snapin finished.

  • @Wayne-Workman

    Here is the section of the log file that relates to the program installed…

     8/9/2016 5:55 PM Client-Info Client Version: 0.11.5
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM Client-Info Client OS:      Windows
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM Client-Info Server Version: 16
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM Middleware::Response Success
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM SnapinClient Snapin Found:
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM SnapinClient     ID: 654
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM SnapinClient     Name: Sophos_11.3.1
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM SnapinClient     Created: 2016-08-09 17:54:00
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM SnapinClient     Action: 
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM SnapinClient     Pack: False
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM SnapinClient     Hide: False
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM SnapinClient     Server:
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM SnapinClient     TimeOut: 0
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM SnapinClient     RunWith: 
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM SnapinClient     RunWithArgs: 
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM SnapinClient     Args: 
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM SnapinClient     File: sophosinstall_11.3.1.exe
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM Middleware::Communication Download:||00:00:00:00:00:00:00:E0&taskid=654
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM SnapinClient C:\Program Files (x86)\FOG\tmp\sophosinstall_11.3.1.exe
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM Bus {
      "self": true,
      "channel": "Notification",
      "data": "{\r\n  \"title\": \"Installing Sophos_11.3.1\",\r\n  \"message\": \"Please do not shutdown until this is completed\"\r\n}"
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM Bus Emmiting message on channel: Notification
     8/9/2016 5:55 PM SnapinClient Starting snapin...
     8/9/2016 6:46 PM Bus Emmiting message on channel: Power

  • @Tom-Elliott He’s on the working-RC8 branch, I am too.

  • @Tom-Elliott I’m assuming it must be the working branch. I downloaded it last night using @Wayne-Workman’s instructions.

    I’m on:

    Wed Aug 10, 2016 7:35 am
    Running Version 16
    SVN Revision: 5948

  • Senior Developer

    RC-8 hasn’t released yet, so are you sure you’re on RC-8? Or are you running the working branch?

  • The fog client log is the first and only place to start troubleshooting.

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