• Hi,

    Sorry I am a complete novice at this.
    I just want to install windows on another machine and I have no cd or usb stick to stick the installer files into so this seems like an idea.

    I have just installed fog onto debian following step by step the video on youtube successfully.

    I have a machine with windows 7 and debian dual boot.

    Now my goal is to install windows 7 or windows xp on another machine hence installing fog.

    I can’t seem to make this happen.

    I am on the fog console on debian and it is very complicated.

    The error I get when I switch on the other computer that i want to install windows is pxe-e53 no boot filename received.

    What do I need to do to make this work?

    And another question am I able to install windows from an iso image with fog or does fog use another type of file for installation.



  • Am I reading this right, you have windows and debian on the same pc, and on that pc you have fog installed and you want to ghost the windows partiton from the same pc that fog+debian is on? Maybe pulling your hard drive from the other pc, installing it in the pc with windows 7 on it, booting to debian (not windows) and learning how partimage works would be your best option here… You really need fog on a seperate PC than you are trying to pull a ghost from…

  • Developer

    Shem, i dont think you understand how FOG works.
    FOG will not (out of the box) deploy ISO’s to your machine. FOG is not designed to work this way.
    You are going to need some method of installing windows on to the target machine (USB, CD or other).

    The error you are receiving “no boot filename received” is because (im assuimg) you are NOT using FOG’s DHCP server.
    Read this: [url]http://fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Modifying_existing_DHCP_server_to_work_with_FOG[/url]

    If that is not the case, then i need a better explanation of how your network and FOG box has been setup.

  • Windows 7 + Debain dual boot = you’ll have to add both operating systems to the computer you want to image. As FOG can’t separate out partitions.

    Have you imaged the the dual boot computer above?

    I wouldn’t recommend using and ISO to load up a computer as you need to take into account the hardware profile of the device.