Windows Other (4) Error / Updating Fog from 1.01

  • Hi everyone, thanks in advance for taking the time to help.

    I just created and modified a new windows 10 image for netbooting onto some new machines. After trying to install through PXE I got a blocker error saying “Invalid operating system ID: Windows (Other) (4)!”

    I used Windows (other) because 10 wasn’t on the list. I figured upgrading fog (since it’s on 1.00 / 1.01 here) might give the 10 option which would solve the problem (or at least lead me closer to the real one). I ran the file in /utils/FOGUpdater and got an error: “-ne Checking running version: Unable to determine current version.”

    I am not sure where to go from here. Should I save the configuration and do a fresh install of FOG? There’s no information written down from the original volunteer in my position 😕

    Oddly, fog is installed in /opt/fog and /opt/fog1.01, I ran the updater from the 1.01 folder yet some of the configuration files use /opt/fog when I check the web interface. The fog being used is the 1.00 version (so says the text in PXE when run) (there is no updater in the /opt/fog folder (which I imagine is 1.00)

    Thank you!

  • @mcgill-eus if you follow the Upgrade to Trunk instructions exactly, you’ll get Release Candidate 6. RC-7 will probably be out sometime today though and I feel it highly important to move to that when it’s out, as it fixes some issues in 6.

  • @george1421 Thanks for the quick and in-depth reply, it’s very helpful and appreciated greatly. Is the RC6 release just a date stamp in the trunk or is there a different branch I should clone?

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    If you need windows 10 support, and gpt disk, NVMe disk, uefi firmware and current hardware support you will want to be on the 1.3.0-rcX version of FOG. The devs are working hard to get 1.3.0 to the stable state, but the release candidates are pretty close to the finish line. I would suggest that you upgrade to the 1.3.0-rcX (rc6 is current at the time of writing this) to take advantage of the win10 support.

    I can say going from 1.0.1 to 1.3.0 might not go perfectly. With 1.3.0 there has been many (many) changes to the database and program code and not all translate 100%. But no worries on the update since the fixes are quick. Just post any issues to the FOG Project forum and we will guide you to a solution.

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