Dell Inspiron mini 1012 ipxe initialising devices problems

  • I have several Dell Inspiron mini 1012. They have 2 gigs of ram and different assorted intel processors. I used to be able to image them using fog 0.32 and fog 1.2.0. Now since I have upgraded to fog 1.3.0-RC-6. I have not been able to image any of the Dells since I have upgraded to any of the fog 1.3.0 releases.
    I have tried normal network booting and I even created a usb that can boot from the network. The boot always stops at this screen.!0_1470323767994_IMG_0043[1].jpg
    I have default settings for fog and the only thing that I have changed are the passwords and added an entry to the fog menu for dban.
    I can boot other laptops from fog and they boot fine. I have booted other laptops with 2 gigs of ram and they have booted fine.
    Please help me figure out how to boot the dell inspiron minis.

  • @george1421 said in Dell Inspiron mini 1012 ipxe initialising devices problems:

    For FOG 1.3.0 and bios based computers you should use undionly.kpxe

    undionly.kkpxe actually works more often, with more systems than undionly.kpxe

    Further, any system compatible with undionly.kpxe is also compatible with undionly.kkpxe so we have been recommending the .kkpxe version. This is also the file used for BIOS systems in FOG’s ISC-DHCP setup because it is more compatible.

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    @jimender2 The first thing you need to know is if the laptop is running in bios(legacy) or uefi mode. If you look into the bios settings it will tell you, typically on the boot page of the firmware setup.

    Beyond that once you know what mode your computer is in, if it is in uefi mode make sure that secure boot (another firmware setting) is disabled.

    Now comes the time to follow Tom’s advice. If undionly.kpxe (for bios/legacy)…

    I just saw that you upgraded from 0.30 to 1.3.0-rcX. What do you have set for dhcp options 66 {next-server} and more importantly dhcp option 67 {bootfile}. For FOG 1.3.0 and bios based computers you should use undionly.kpxe and for uefi systems you should have ipxe.efi. Please confirm your dhcp server settings for the dhcp scope where your target computers are booting.

  • @Tom-Elliott
    This is going to make me seem dumb but how would I do that? I am relatively new to fog and linux.

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    Try using the ipxe.pxe or ipxe.efi (if running as uefi) file and see if you make better progress.

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