Adding older storage nodes to FOG Trunk

  • I work in a pretty big school district. We have a total of 10 storage nodes. All Masters of their own respective group. I just made a New FOG server running FOG Trunk. I’m doing a lot of Manuel transfers to keep our old v.31 Server as an emergency option for compatibility sake.

    That being said would I need to upgrade the storage nodes to Trunk as well for them to work properly with the new server? Or should I just build them up from scratch also?

  • @george1421 Yeah I learned the hard way about trying to upgrade from v.31 to 1.x.x last week haha. But I’d rather ask to be sure than to waste a bunch of time one way or the other.

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    @SusejNatas I can tell you from experience that if you are running 0.3x series you will be better off installing new than upgrading. If you need to you can import your older images into the new fog server. The other thing is if you are still running anything pre 1.x then you probably have an old linux host OS and should also upgrade that too. So there is good and practical reason to create a new fog server for your project. Just install the trunk release directly and you can avoid any minor upgrade issues from 1.2.0 stable to 1.3.0-rc5.

  • @Quazz When I tried to upgrade from v.31 to trunk on the main server it didn’t like it so i was going to make new ones if I needed to upgrade.

  • Just going to make new nodes for each building. I figure that was the case but I wanted to make sure. Thanks for the info guys.

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    @Quazz you can upgrade your servers and nodes from any prior version of fog. For nodes to work with the new server yes you would need to upgrade them as well.

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    Not sure you can upgrade from v.31 to trunk safely, to be honest.

    But yes, you need to upgrade the nodes to work properly with the trunk server.

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