Need help... fog server crashed!

  • Hello Fog Community!

    I am desperate this morning… Following mishandling with hyper-v snapshots, i totally crashed my fogserver. Can’t reboot it, can’t restore… nothing to do. I used fog 1.3

    Here’s my question, i can’t access to the database to export it…
    I have all my images on a external storage (nfs share), each image directory contains :

    • D1.fixed_size_partitions
    • D1.mbr
    • D1.minimum.partitions
    • D1.original.fstypes
    • D1.original.swauuids
    • D1.partitions
    • D1P1.img
    • D1P2.img
    • D1P3.img
      If i setup a “new” fogserver, how could i reimport it ? setup the nfs storage node and storage group then …? are that images usable and recognized by the “new” fog instance?

    a big thank you in advance to those who will help me

  • The most important thing to attempt recovery of (other than images) is the ssl directory. If you have fog clients out in the field running, they will absolutely not trust nor obey any fog server that cannot authenticate. The directory is /opt/fog/snapins/ssl
    There’s a walkthrough here:

    If you can do that, and then re-use the old IP, then all the existing clients will report in to the server as pending.

  • Moderator

    Yes, if you build a new fog server you can import those files. You would setup the new fog server and connect to the storage node and then manually create the image definition in the new fog server.

    If you still have access to the original (broken) virtual hard drive, you may be able to connect that to your new fog server and glean files off of it. If you installed the trunk build and upgraded it over time to bring you to .3.0-rcX there will be database exports on the disk that you might be able to use.

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