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  • Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:18 pm
    Running Version 1.3.0-RC-4
    SVN Revision: 5941
    Client-Info Version: 0.11.4

    I noticed that when I deploy a single snapin as a deployment task that the active task never clears. I do have the client installed on all of my hosts.

    Below is a the FOG.log file from one of the hosts where the active single snapin deployment task hangs.

    Please let me know which other log files you might be interested in. Thanks!

     7/28/2016 8:37 AM Client-Info Client Version: 0.11.4
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM Client-Info Client OS:      Windows
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM Client-Info Server Version: 1.3.0-RC-4
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM Middleware::Response Success
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM SnapinClient Snapin Found:
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM SnapinClient     ID: 578
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM SnapinClient     Name: Windows KMS Activation
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM SnapinClient     Created: 2016-07-28 08:37:06
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM SnapinClient     Action: 
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM SnapinClient     Pack: False
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM SnapinClient     Hide: False
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM SnapinClient     Server:
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM SnapinClient     TimeOut: 0
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM SnapinClient     RunWith: cmd.exe
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM SnapinClient     RunWithArgs: 
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM SnapinClient     Args: 
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM SnapinClient     File: activation_script_cmd
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM Middleware::Communication Download:||00:00:00:00:00:00:00:E0&taskid=578
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM SnapinClient C:\Program Files (x86)\FOG\tmp\activation_script_cmd
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM Bus {
      "self": true,
      "channel": "Notification",
      "data": "{\r\n  \"title\": \"Installing Windows KMS Activation\",\r\n  \"message\": \"Please do not shutdown until this is completed\"\r\n}"
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM Bus Emmiting message on channel: Notification
     7/28/2016 8:37 AM SnapinClient Starting snapin...
     7/28/2016 9:24 AM Bus Emmiting message on channel: Power



  • @Wayne-Workman I have done this with the MAK key. That works fine. We just wanted to switch over to KMS. Which with our script snap-in it seems to be activating just fine now. I still need to refine it though. I think I’m going to add @Mentaloid’s suggestions to my existing script. I do believe that will finalize automation. :-)

  • @Wayne-Workman Not yet. It’s on my list. LOL!

  • @Mentaloid I’m very green on a lot of this stuff so bear with me. I would think what you have right there should work just fine.

    I’ll be working on all of this stuff a little later this week. I’ll give that a try.

  • Moderator

    @Joe-Gill Have you tried putting in your key for a single host in the Product Key field, and seeing if the fog client will activate windows that way?

  • @Wayne-Workman Interesting… It just doesn’t ever seem to run. I can run the script aside from fog using “run as admin” and it does just fine. If I run it without elevated privileges it does not seem to do the command right.

  • @Joe-Gill


    cd \windows\system32
    c:\windows\system32\cscript.exe //B c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -skms kms7:1688 >> c:\SnapinLogs\W10Activate.log
    c:\windows\system32\cscript.exe //B c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -ato >> c:\SnapinLogs\W10Activate.log

    .cmd files are handled by the fog client without any run with parms, and you wont have any local permissions issue.

    I don’t use a KMS server, so I am unaware of if it would require domain credentials. I would think the machine would have to be domain joined though. I also was under the impression that you can set the KMS details as part of the domain policy.

  • Moderator

    @Joe-Gill all snapins run as SYSTEM, which has the highest authority over the local system, more than the admin account has.

    What part of the script needs admin?

  • @Joe-Schmitt Alright, I searched and searched and tried and tried but I cannot for the life of me figure out the how to get a script to run with elevated privileges. The command structure works, it just won’t run unless you are an admin. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!



  • @Joe-Schmitt Thanks Joe! I’ll give that a go!

  • Senior Developer

    Use the template feature and select batch script.

  • @Joe-Schmitt No problem. I would add that to the end of the script or just leave it in the parameters within FOG?

  • Senior Developer

    I would try the /c as I suggested.

  • @Joe-Schmitt Any ideas of what to try? Will powershell handle that any better?

  • Senior Developer

    It could also be because of the messed up filetype not existing. Cmd is weird sometimes.

  • @Joe-Schmitt Thanks! I’ll check it out. I’m still trying to learn this stuff.

  • Senior Developer

  • @Joe-Schmitt What does the /c parameter do?

  • Senior Developer

    If you select a batch script template you will notice you are missing the /c parameter.

  • @Wayne-Workman This is the script…

    cscript C:\Windows\System32\slmgr.vbs /skms kms7:1688

    KMS7 is just a DNS name for the “server”. And no you don’t have to do anything except put in admin credentials to run as admin.

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