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    Hi Everyone,
    I was just cleaning up old images on my server after I let it run out of room (oops!). As I was cleaning, I compared to the list of images on the FOG GUI vs. the folders in the /images folder. I noticed there were many that were removed that still existed in the folder, so I cleaned those out. I deleted those through the GUI a while ago and vaguely remember there being a bug back then. Anyhow that’s not what I’m worried about. What is concerning me is a folder within /images called “dev” that is 50 GB. It is kind of a mystery what its purpose is and where it came from. It seems to be a very recent addition. Please see the below screenshots:

    It appears to be an image of sorts, but I don’t know what/where it came from and if is safe to remove.


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    @george1421 Ah this makes sense. My colleague notified me he uploaded an image and it didn’t seem to finish the task. That is when I noticed the disk was full. Got it.

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    When an image is captured on the client and sent to the FOG server, this captured file is temporary sent to /images/dev/<mac_address> directory. Once the capture is complete and the database has been updated it is moved to /images/<image_name> directory. So think of the /images/dev folder is just a temp or scratch pad directory until the image has been completely uploaded.

    Unless something really goes sideways with your upload, files should not exist in this directory very long.

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