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  • Well, I have hit a wall with setting up a KMS “server” and am seeking outside guidence. Our district has a KMS activation key that we have installed on a Windows 7 VM that is setup to serve KMS keys to clients. When I sysprep my machines I have been using the /generalize command. Some machines are checking in with the KMS server and some are not. I have tried running the slmgr.vbs command with /ato, /skms kms7:1688, ect in an effort to force the machines to check with the correct server and have only been able to get 16 (out of 30) to register and check in. All 30 have identical images (different hardware). I’ve read several FAQ/wiki articles from Microsoft and it sure sounds like it shouldn’t be this difficult to set up!

    Also, I understand that the KMS server will not licence machines until it reaches the 25 client threshold.

    I have been told that sometimes the slmgr.vbs /rearm command sometimes triggers machines to check back into the server. To me that doesn’t make much since. I don’t have any machines that are out of the 30 day period to register…

    I have checked the event log on the “server” and it shows some of the machines trying to licence but it seems like it’s only about 8 or 10 of the 16 we have registered… Anyhow…

    Any ideas is greatly appreciated!


    Joe Gill


  • @Tom-Elliott I have tried a VBScript and have been unable to run it on the domain without having admin rights. How would I set admin rights with VBscript?

    @Wayne-Workman I thought about something like that but did not know if it would work or not.

    I’ll be working on this stuff more later this week. I may try that.


    Joe Gill

  • @Tom-Elliott I tried this. Files are required for snapins, but without a file, I think just the snpain parameters could be used to activate with a kms server. The command it produces only looks to have an extra space, where the file would normally go. Perhaps snapins without files would not use the extra space.

    0_1469754902466_activate windows  7.png

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    @Joe-Gill why not do as you had before, but use the “VB Script” template?

  • So my syntax above is actually incorrect…

    This is what actually ended up working…

    cscript C:\Windows\System32\slmgr.vbs /skms XXX:1688

    Save that as a .cmd file and run it as administrator and away you go. Just be sure to replace the XXX with your IP address or dns name.

  • Alright well the program Wayne sent me got my count to where it needed to be. Ultimately, I did not have the full path in a script file I had written to point the machines to our KMS server…

    Here is what resolved this for people struggling in the future…

    I created a batch file with that in it and so far so good! My original one lacked the entire path… Ugh!

    C:\Windows\System32\slmgr.vbs /skms KMSSERVER_IP_HERE:1688

    Thanks for all of the support!!



  • Also consider KMS VL Activator formerly known as the KMS Client Emulator.

  • Wayne, thanks for bailing me out! I’ll give that a try!!

    Thanks buddy!!


    Joe Gill

  • There’s a utility to arm up the kms server with the needed count, we have used it here. Let me find a link…

    here, and this link will expire august 1st automatically.!9sUQURhb!725gbiWLYHCRwHMoAt-BjA

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