Boot into UEFI

  • Have received new Dell PC’s and would love to keep it in UEFI Boot instead on changing it to Legacy Mode
    Have changed in DHCP Option 67 to IPXE.EFI
    but when I hit the function key F12 and get to the menu I see no were to boot to IPXE all I get is the following
    UEFI Boot
    Windows Boot Manager

    Other Options
    Bios Setup
    Bios Flash Update
    Change Boot Mode Settings

    Not sure what I am doing wrong Please help

    Thanks for your help

  • Thanks Guys got it up and running needed to turn on the boot stack in the bios.

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    On these dells if you want to keep uefi mode you need to do the following

    1. Disable secure boot
    2. Ensure you turn on the uefi net stack on the networking tab (sorry not the right name but I can’t get to the bios right now). There is a check box at the very top of the network page (where you can enable pxe booting) that you need to turn on to get the option to pxe boot in uefi mode.

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    Moving this to hardware issues.

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    @Gary-Kulovics Possibly you need to enable netboot in UEFI or hit a different F-key?

  • The file name should not be in all caps.

    Sounds like the network adapter isn’t in the UEFI boot stack. You can either turn it on, or use BIOS based booting as those are it’s settings from the factory.

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