SOLVED 1.3.0 RC-1 Snapin spaces

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    Ubuntu 14.04
    FOG 1.3.0 rc-1
    Windows 7
    Client 0.11.4

    I just updated to RC-1 today and deployed my first machine. After updating the client on the image(for some reason 0.9.10 client won’t update to a newer version automatically). The machine joined the domain and then started to deploy snapins, after a little while I realized that I wasn’t getting notifications of the snapins completing so I checked and all snapins (except the first one) showed canceled. I tried redeploying all snapins and the same thing happened. So I checked the client log and the second snapin showed:

    ERROR: Snapin has does not exist
    So I skipped it and the rest would all complete fine. I then tried re-doing that snapin and it kept giving the same error. After I realized that it had spaces, I removed the spaces and re-uploaded the file to FOG and the snapin now works.

    Can we either correct the issue to allow spaces, or just have a check that will display an error if the snapin file name contains spaces?

    Not sure when this started to happen as I was still on 7961 and upgraded from there.

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    I’ve solved this thread so I don’t go nuts thinking I have keep finding and fixing this issue. Filenames with spaces (as well as other special characters) will be replaced with _ and this will be available to the next RC release.

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    So I’ve basically not failed to create a snapin due to spaces in the filename, rather i’ve told it to change all special characters in the filename to become underscores. This should prevent all the issues of delete/filenaming issue, etc…

    Thanks for reporting.

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    I removed the last posting as I realize I’m trying to test the RC-1 and get a good review. The working side, while viewable and usable as needed, should not be pushed by me. Please continue testing and reporting on the RC-1 side.

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    @Tom-Elliott Why not just have a check for spaces and not allow spaces in the filename? I don’t see the issue with just giving an error message “Filename contains spaces, remove spaces and try again”. This seems like a better way to go anyway. As filename spaces can cause headaches in other ways too, especially in automated processes.

    The only reason I had spaces was due the file pre-existing and I was too lazy to rename before now. lol

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    @ITSolutions I’m aware of the snapin space filename issue. I have a solve for the hash getting, but getting it for the deletion of files has been a PITA for me currently.

    (PITA = Pain In the rearend.)