Fog 1.2.0 Images and Data Exporting

  • Hello,

    We use Fog 1.2.0 but due to new hardware coming in I have put together Fog Trunk version onto Ubuntu 16.04.

    Running Version 8609
    SVN Revision: 5909

    Here is the brick wall thus far:

    I have the new trunk server up and running but I need the image database information from the old 1.2.0 added to the new server. Is it possible to export that into CSV in order to import it into the new Fog server so I will not have to rebuild the information for each image? Or, is it recommended to create it all by hand in the trunk version?

    I noticed the import/export feature in the trunk version which is nice but the 1.2.0, unfortunately, does not have it that I can see.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Developer

    @Motech09 write down all of the passwords and IPs you’re using on the new server. drop the new server database (make a backup first). import a backup of the old database on the new server. open the new server’s web gui. it will ask to upgrade the database. update all of the passwords with the ones for the new server, since the new server how has all of the old passwords and IP addresses from the old database.

  • @Tom-Elliott

    So, I would had to do the copying during install? Or did I miss that opportunity since I have already got the new server set up and ready?

  • Senior Developer

    1.2.0 did allow exporting hosts, but it did not export anything else.

    However, you can copy your 1.2.0 database and import it into your shiny new trunk server.

    The upgrade process should go smoothly enough, and if there’s any issues we’re here to help.

    Of course you could just mysql export/dump to csv the images table, but I think starting from scratch and importing known information into the new one would be the simplest to work from. It would also mean you don’t have to go figuring out the new image ids and reassociating hosts with those images/groups/snapins/etc…

  • @Motech09 I’m pretty sure that 1.2.0 could export hosts. Look in Host Management, and on the left you should see export.

  • Just realized, I guess I could research MySql and try to export it from there…

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