Azure AD Join?

  • Is it possible to join to azure AD when imaging?

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    Short answer: Not with the client, but perhaps with some post-sysprep script.

    Long answer: Azure AD is not your standard enterprise directory service system. A directory service is meant to manage things like identity, workstations, security, network policies, and so on. It is also standard for a directory service to provide the LDAP protocol for authentication (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). This is what the client leverages to join Windows Server AD, Apple Open Directory, Samba, and any other LDAP compliant directory service.

    Azure AD only focuses on the identity portion, and one of its main uses is as SaaS (Software as a Service). As such it has no need to provide LDAP support. Instead it provides modern web-tech based protocols via REST api and such. It’s used to integrate with other software and provide a SSO interface.

    Azure AD and your standard LDAP domain are fundamentally different, and as such the client cannot join it. Instead you may need to use a script that runs after sysprep completes (setupcomplete.cmd). A quick Google search results in this article: . I haven’t looked through it in detail, but it appears they are using a powershell script to join Azure AD.

  • I’ve never configured a computer to join azure. Is there a domain name and credecredentials? If it does work, you will clearly need to use the domain’s FQDN.

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