Image Throttling

  • I believe I am correct in saying I can throttle the imaging speeds using the bitrate option in the storage node settings, but not sure what numbers I should put there.

    My issue is I have two schools that share a connection, so I only used 1 FOG server. It works great for 1 or 2 machines. However if multiple machines are imaged the pipe seems to get flooded. If i recall correctly, there is 1GB between the schools. How can I use that option to say, only have imaging use 800M of that pipe.

  • @adukes40 You can only limit the number going at once for unicast as @Quazz said, not the bandwidth. The bit rate is a throttle for multicast. The replication rate is a throttle for replication.

    Multicast only works from master nodes. Enable broadcast forwarding on your router and it’ll start working at other sites. You have to enable the same thing for WOL to work at other sites I believe, there’s a plugin to assist with WOL.

  • I know I should be using Multicast, but for whatever reason, it only works at the master node location, and I have not had the time to sit and mess with it. that probably wont come now, until October. I was just hoping to band-aid the throttle for this summer, then go look more into MC when I get the free time.

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    Use multicast whenever possible and you can limit the amount of clients at any time imaging as well at the Storage Node settings.

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