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  • Just wondering what you all use for remote control to support to end users. I have seen some ideas, such as Kaseya, LabTech, DameWare. Trying to get a feel what others are using, as most of us are in the K12 world.

  • @adukes40 You may like DameWare. It’s just my personal opinion. I think the software works for X number of days as a trial without license.

  • Yea i know its way out. Neat to hear they are considering something like that tho. Shame to hear about DameWare. I read a lot of good things about it, but like i said, just getting ideas, and opinions before we start moving forward. Not happening any time soon, but still good to try and get the ducks in a row ahead of time.

  • @adukes40 ya. fog 2.0 is still being built.

  • Is Guac more like a 2.0 feature?

  • a few (out of like 50) of my co-workers like DameWare. I personally strongly dislike it. Connecting for remote control is way overly complicated, and all the other features Dameware can do - I’d much prefer to do with scripting, Active Directory, and FOG.

    Meraki has a very simple and intuitive interface that can do a lot - with streamlined remote control - plus device location reporting and deployment abilities. Supports Android, Chromebooks, iOS, Windows, and others I think. Funny enough - we deploy the Meraki installation to Windows with FOG Snapins. :-)

    I’ve not heard of Kaseya or LabTech.

    Personally - I have been really itching to get into Guacamole - an Open Source remote control tool developed originally at MIT - there is a small company that offers paid support for Guacamole as well. They also advertise no client to install on machines - and a fluid real-time web interface. I believe that the @Senior-Developers are planning on integrating Guacamole into FOG-Too. So if that works out, that will be uber sweet.

    There are others as well - more for teachers to manage the craziness that students try to get away with but are handy for a tech in a lab. Ones I have real-world experience using:

    • Insight - made by Faronics, closed source - is the middle man here. This is way better than Faronics’ other products.
    • Synchronize, closed source, sucks, stay away.
    • Vision - made by Netop, closed source - pretty decent, I like it.
    • iTALC, Made independently by a guy, OPEN source - a little buggy but it is open source and free and only one guy maintains it. We have it in use in some labs in the district.

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