Xerox Printer Deployment W/ Fog Trunk

  • Hi all,

    I’d like to start utilizing FOG for printer management in a couple labs. Does anyone have any experience with Xerox printers and FOG? The drivers we use are the Global print drivers. We primarily have WorkCentre 6655i’s. Any advice is helpful. I do have the new client
    (ver. 0.11.2) installed on all of our PCs in district.

    I’ve read the generic wiki on the website and it didn’t help much. Any direction is very much appreciated. Thanks!!


    Joe Gill

  • @Wayne-Workman

    Wayne, you made my day! Thanks!! You guys are awesome!



  • There is a utility called PrinterManagerHelper - that you will like a lot.

    So, install the printer manually as you would normally on one computer.
    Then, on this computer, run the PrinterManagerHelper. It will list all installed printers and give you exactly the values needed to create a printer in FOG for deployment.

    You can find links to the latest version of PrinterManagerHelper here:

    After creating the printer, you’ll need to add it to hosts. You can do this per-host, or with groups. There are three management settings. One is no management, one only allows fog deployed printers, and one only manages fog deployed printers and no others that may exist. Pick which is right for you.

    It may be necessary to include the printer drivers pre-installed on your image, or to deploy the printer drivers. Deployment of drivers can be accomplished with FOG Snapins and some batch or powershell scripting. You can also make the drivers available on a share that has been given read access to public and anonymous users.