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  • Hello,
    i’ve got a litle problem with the pxe boot. When i have to write gui admin password, the keyboard is on qwerty.
    I configure FOG_KEYMAP = fr, without success.
    Does someone could explain me what is the way to put azerty keyboard ?


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  • @plegrand
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  • @george1421
    i made some tests with these informations :
    the keymap is quite correct ( i cant use “{” “}” for example)
    but the procedure is OK
    Thanks for your help

    i dont know how to solve the thread

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    @plegrand I followed the bios instructions from the wiki page but changed the ipxe key map to fr. I have no clue if it works or not since I don’t have one of those keyboards.


    How to use this file…
    Download this file and rename it to ipxetst.kpxe and then move it to the /tftpboot directory on your fog server. Then update your dhcp setting #67 {boot file} from undionly.kpxe to ipxetst.kpxe and then boot your target computer. Check to see if it understands the azerty keyboard better.

  • @george1421
    Fri Jul 08, 2016 13:26 pm
    Running Version 8301
    SVN Revision: 5778

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    @george1421 The keymap is useful for Full registration, hardware compatibility, debug mode. Perhaps a few other cases as well.

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    @plegrand This may be difficult to explain, but let me try.

    FOG is built using a number of other opensource components. The FOG PXE menu is managed by a component called iPXE. iPXE has control over PXE booting and the FOG PXE menu interface. The iPXE is a stand alone (linux like) operating system. It also prompts for the passwords entered into the FOG PXE menu. This is the part where I think you are having a problem.

    The FOG_KEYMAP = fr, is used in the FOS engine (the linux operating system that moves files to and from the target system). I’m questioning the value of this keymap since there is little to no direct user keyboard interaction into the FOS engine.

    These files undionly.kpxe (bios / legacy firmware) and ipxe.efi (uefi firmware) are placed in the fog server in the /tftpboot directory.

    One question I did not ask is, what version of fog are you using (hint there should be numbers on or around the cloud on the web management gui)?

  • @george1421 Thanks for your answer.
    “This site will produce both the undionly.kpxe files and the efi ones based on your initial selection.”

    As i’m not very experienced with that, what file i have to produce and where i have to put them ?
    In tftpboot ?

    Do i have to add embedded script ?
    As you can see it’s litle difficult for me ?

    But in the past someone told me that putting FOG_KEYMAP = fr, was the solution. Then it’s not ?

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    The short answer is to only use passwords in the webgui that are querty compliant.

    But Quazz is right since there is no way externally to define which keyboard for the iPXE kernel to use. So you must build your own kernel. I checked and the rom-o-matic site will let you change your default keyboard if you use the advanced options


    There is a wiki page that describes how to build your own custom iPXE kernel. It was derived from my how-to. Let me see if I can find it.

    [edit] I found it. https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=IPXE#rom-o-matic.eu

    What the wiki doesn’t tell you is that you need to change the KEYBOARD_MAP value in the Console options section to the proper one for your region. This site will produce both the undionly.kpxe files and the efi ones based on your initial selection.

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    @plegrand The PXE boot file (most likely undionly.kpxe), yes.

    The existing options will work for registrationg menu and such (anything that uses bzImage)

  • @Quazz you mean that if i want azerty keyboard, i have to build my own kernel ?

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    You cannot alter the Boot menu’s keymap unfortunately (as far as I know this is only possible during the build process).

    The keymap options is used whenever bzImage is loaded (eg registration, debug)

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