After install SVN 5833: Database Schema Installer / Updater - button missing

  • After install SVN 5833: Database Schema Installer / Updater - Button is missing

    /var/www/html/fog/lib/fog/config.class.php and /opt/fog/.fogsettings are correct.

    Mysql db connection works.

    Debian 8.5

    alt text

  • @Quazz

    Thanks, it works.

  • @Tom-Elliott

    Sure, so i am asking you what can be wrong. I know that is not any magic.

    I can connect to DB with the same user/password like used in config files. Its a fresh install of Debian and FOG. Something is wrong.

    When i reinstalled with ./ -y, schema was upgraded correctly and it works.

  • Senior Developer

    Button doesn’t magically go missing. WE need a TON more information than just what you’ve provided here.

    I’m going to guess it’s showing the “cannot connect to DB”.

    This means it can’t communicate with the DB. Just because you say it works does NOT mean the configuration is working in the same fashion.

  • Moderator

    Could we have a screenshot?

    If you really need FOG asap, you can run ./ -y to automatically upgrade the schema and FOG.

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