Host Hardware Inventory -> "DMI Table is broken"

  • The hardware inventory task from this iMac model (I tested with 2 computers of this model) is returning the correct data, but with a lot of unwanted messages (also can be seen on the clients screen when doing the inventory task):

    0_1467374744102_2016-07-01 - iMac Inventory.png

    Is it possible to fix that or is that some of Apple’s problem? “Normal” computers don’t have the DMI messages in the inventory till now.
    We used version 8343 and 8355 for the inventory task.

    Another question:
    Is possible to get data from more than one hard disk? Normally the computers we use with fog just have one hard disk.
    But his model has an additional SSD build in connected on a Apple PCI SSD Controller:
    0_1467375601047_2016-07-01 - iMac SSD.png

    Thanks in advance

  • dmidecode is not available by default in OSX it seems. I started the fog debug mode and got the following:

    # dmidecode 2.12
    # SMBIOS entry point at 0x8cd15000
    SMBIOS 2.4 present.
    51 structures occupying 2746 bytes.
    Table at 0x8CD14000```
    The message " Invalid entry length (0). DMI table is broken! Stop." only appears at the end of the dmidecode command.
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    @tian Sorry I must have not been clear. In the mac OS is dmidecode available? The problem is that the version from FOG doesn’t understand the SMBIOS configuration that the mac has. I was wondering…

    1. Does the mac os have dmidecode?
    2. If it does, what does it return when you enter something like dmidecode -t system The interesting part would be, what version is it, does it return the correct information, what smbios version is installed on that mac

  • I get “# dmidecode 2.12” returned, when I run dmidecode on the fog server. Running the inventory task I can’t see a dmidecode version.

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    First let me say I don’t know anything about iMAC or its OS. Can you check to see what version of dmidecode (if) is installed? dmidecode is what FOG uses to extract information form smbios. I can say the version shipped in FOS is 2.12-dmifs