Help with Full Registration

  • Hello again. This isn’t a big deal but I would like to be able to have these computers added to the domain, activated, and named all through fog. That would save loads of time for summer maintenance. The results of our attempts vary between building (as we have a server for each building). At one school it did change the name without us even trying to. It named it the mac address on the os. Then the other buildings we haven’t had any luck what-so-ever. I was wondering if there was maybe a setting somewhere or if there was a fix for this. I tried looking it up a bit without any luck. All the computers were in groups and on fog it showed all the information we put in, but the computers themselves were not changed on the os. The servers are running fog trunk with Ubuntu 14.04. The computers we are imaging all vary, but what we are currently working on are OptiPlex 990s with windows 7 64 bit.

  • @K.Hays lol half a year later.

  • @Wayne-Workman I was able to figure this out, i should have mentioned this sooner but it can be marked as solved. At the time we were having trouble with the client.

  • Well, to join a domain automatically - you need the fog client installed.
    To manage host names - you need the fog client installed.

    To do a full host registration, you just pick that from the boot menu, tell it you want to join the domain, give the correct name, and so on.

    Quick register assigns the MAC address as the computer name - any that show up like that were quick registered.

    What version of FOG are you using? What version of the fog client?