• Hello,

    We are new to Fog and we are putting it through its paces. We have managed to get most of its features working however we are stuck on the Fog client for Windows.

    We have a client installed on a test PC and when we pushed a snapin task to it, it gets stuck in the queue. As an example we have setup green fog to restart the PC at 13:30 and we can see the following line in the fog.log file.


    17/06/2016 13:30 Client-Info Client Version: 0.10.6
    17/06/2016 13:30 Client-Info Client OS: Windows
    17/06/2016 13:30 Client-Info Server Version: 7969
    17/06/2016 13:30 Middleware::Response Success
    17/06/2016 13:30 GreenFOG Registered task: reboot at 13:30

    However nothing happened at 13:30 and there is nothing in the windows event logs.

    Any help is much appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • Senior Developer

    v0.11.0 is released and has replaced GreenFOG with PowerManagement. See the News post for more details.

  • Senior Developer

    Greenfog on v0.10.6 does not work. When v0.11 is released, a new module will replace it to provide more functionality. (v0.11 is currently undergoing release candidate testing)

  • @BTIIT Can you post the whole log, please?

    Also, please update again. You have 7969, current is somewhere north of 8100.