SOLVED Storage Group Activity - Free slots

  • At work, we’re on a somewhat recent version of trunk - recent like Monday morning recent.

    We’re not updating as often anymore because we are coming up on 14 connected storage nodes and it’s just involved to update. I’d rather complete the build-out first.

    But, to the issue…

    We have right now - perhaps 6 or 7 connected storage nodes. Each one is limited to 3 maximum connections each.

    The pie chart on the dashboard incorrectly reports 3 available slots. However, if I set ONLY one of the nodes to 10, and the remaining 5 or 6 are left at 3 slots, then the dashboard incorrectly reports 13 free slots.

  • Well, it’s been explained to me that the activity reporting is per group, and was based on which node you had selected… that was really confusing. Now there’s a selector for the group on the activity pie so I think this is a non-issue now.

  • Unable to replicate. Only thing I can think of is modified dashboard file or other nodes are not running. Another possibility you have multiple storage groups?