• I noticed a difference between versions 8088 and 8103 on the default.ipxe after an upgrade which caused my UEFI pxe booting to fail. For example…
    8088 under “:bootme” i had the following:
    chain http://addressofmyfogserver/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php##params
    8103 under “:bootme” the file reads:
    chain http://addressofmyfogserver//fog/service/ipxe/boot.php##params

    not sure if it is a bug, but the extra “/” causes an issue with pxe booting.

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    I’ve gone ahead and solved the thread, thanks for the heads up.

  • Btw…I tried version 8271 and everything is working properly and upgraded without any issues or changes to be made to any files. UEFI worked without any issue.

  • @Tom-Elliott Hello Tom, Sorry for the delay. Here is the file:

    cpuid --ext 29 && set arch x86_64 || set arch i386
    param mac0 ${net0/mac}
    param arch ${arch}
    param platform ${platform}
    param product ${product}
    param manufacturer ${product}
    param ipxever ${version}
    param filename ${filename}
    isset ${net1/mac} && param mac1 ${net1/mac} || goto bootme
    isset ${net2/mac} && param mac2 ${net2/mac} || goto bootme

    The only difference I saw was the extra “/” as compared to the original. I seemed to have issues only with UEFI booting until I copied my old tftpboot folder over. I thought maybe the ipxe.efi file had been updated between builds. At any rate, I am running without issues at this point. Thank you.

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    @Jason-Burt said in default.ipxe:

    Can you simply post the default.ipxe file here? It’s obviously some change (beyond the double slash)

  • Hi

    Kept my 8088 snapshot and swapped my vms back and forth to verify (8088 is working without issues)…

    in 8088 here are the values for Web interface -> FOG Configuration -> FOG Settings -> Web Server ->:
    FOG_WEB_ROOT = /fog/

    in 8088 here is the value for Web interface -> Storage Management -> [node name] ->
    Web root = /fog

    After a git pull and install of Fog to 8103 the values remain the same, but the default.ipxe file changed again.

    I edited the default.ipxe file to try to fix by taking out the extra “/”, but the pxe boot issue continued. I decided to attempt to copy 8088’s tftpboot folder to 8103 and everything is working again. Not sure where the problem stems from though.



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    @Jason-Burt can you look here and see what it says?

    Web interface -> FOG Configuration -> FOG Settings -> Web Server -> FOG_WEB_ROOT and FOG_WEB_HOST

    Also check this value:
    Web interface -> Storage Management -> [node name] -> Web root

    I’m suspecting there might be an extra slash in one of those… If not, we need to do further digging.

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