get wipe to work with network

  • So I have an issue getting the x:\windows\system32> to even ping my fog server for net use. I am currently using fog to boot into winpe, so I know that the pc’s network works just fine. Before I add the drivers (which I took off the originial machine) I am currently using drvload x:\ drivers\card to load the drivers. Then I use wpeutil IntializeNetwork to get everything up and running again, but there is still not network activity. The error I receive is PING: transmit failed. General failure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Any news on this…?

  • Testers

    What version of WinPE are you using, this could make a big difference with the drivers?
    Are you pinging the IP or server name?
    What do you get when you run an IPCONFIG /all?

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