SOLVED Fog Client connection time out over VPN (Communication Response: Invalid MAC address format)

  • Fog Running Version: 8030 on Debian
    Windows Fog Client: 0.9.11 on Win7

    as my fist post here, I want to thank you for a great Software.

    My issue is with my VPN connection.
    All my users have laptops, and when they are locally on the subnet everything works fine!

    When I’m connected over VPN the client can’t seem to make a connection.

     08.06.2016 09:36 Client-Info Version: 0.9.11
     08.06.2016 09:36 Middleware::Communication URL:
     08.06.2016 09:36 Data::RSA FOG Server CA cert found
     08.06.2016 09:36 Middleware::Authentication Cert OK
     08.06.2016 09:36 Middleware::Communication POST URL:
     08.06.2016 09:36 Middleware::Communication Response: Invalid MAC address format
     08.06.2016 09:36 Service Sleeping for 120 seconds

    Over VPN I’m on another subnet 172.9.x.x but still can administer fog over a browser.
    I can connect to everything(http(s)/ssh/smb/ftp) on 172.1.5.x from 172.9.x.x

    How is the client connecting to the server?

    My goal would be to deploy snapins not only locally but over VPN.

    Any ideas what I could do?


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    Great to hear that the new client fixed this! Just for further references: My guess is the old version of the client did send the VPN adapter MAC address or something like this.

  • @Tom-Elliot updating the client did the trick.
    With 0.10.6 the communication works.

    And I could deploy a snapin!

    Sorry that I missed to upgrade the client.

     08.06.2016 11:59 Client-Info Version: 0.10.6
     08.06.2016 11:59 Client-Info OS:      Windows
     08.06.2016 11:59 Middleware::Authentication Waiting for authentication timeout to pass
     08.06.2016 11:59 Middleware::Communication Download:
     08.06.2016 11:59 Data::RSA FOG Server CA cert found
     08.06.2016 11:59 Middleware::Authentication Cert OK
     08.06.2016 11:59 Middleware::Communication POST URL:
     08.06.2016 11:59 Middleware::Response Success
     08.06.2016 11:59 Middleware::Authentication Authenticated

  • Thank for your input.

    @Tom-Elliott I’ll update the client soon and check if that changes things.
    VPN is established after login. Yes I’ve to manually start SSTP VPN connection to get access to the network.

  • @ch3i VPN isn’t causing the “loss” of the mac address, but my guess is the VPN IS encrypting the data and not decrypting it back on the server. This is only a guess as I have no idea what is actually happening.

    @emc Windows FOG Client should not be at 0.9.11 on FOG Trunk version 8030. We’re up to 0.10.6. Is the VPN connection established as a part of the bootup routine of the Client or does it require validation first to get onto the proper network it’s tunnelling into?

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    @emc Not sure how work the client, but mac do not get passed over VPN