Quick Image added to 30 day overview of deployments

  • Hello, I was wondering if machines which were setup using quick image can be shown in the 30 day overview in the dashboard. Many technicians setup machines this way and it does not get counted in the total for the month.

  • @Junkhacker Ok, I was just thinking of ways for quick image to somehow count toward monthly totals. This happens mostly with laptop deployments. I think I just thought of a work around. Registering network dongle as host so every time quick image is used with the network dongle it will count because the dongle is pre registered. The only trouble would be if the dongle is not compatible. But this should work for many instances I believe.

  • Developer

    @jbonilla task records are not tied to mac addresses, they’re tied to hosts. to do what you want would mean to more or less create a host profile for the mac. at that point, why not just register the host?

  • @Junkhacker So there is no way to tally computers set up with quick image. Perhaps a count of mac addresses not already registered?

  • Developer

    activity is tracked by host, if a host isn’t registered, it cannot be tracked.

  • There’s hardly any concern for tracking unregistered hosts in FOG. FOG is concerned with registered hosts in almost every feature it has. That said, I don’t know how easy it’d be to implement counting the images and dates of an unregistered host.