Fog Server No Longer Working: Getting Database Schema Installer/Updater

  • I am running the latest version of Fog (1.2.0) in Kubuntu. Right now I am running it within Virtualbox to use this as a proof of concept and I will eventually build this out into a proper VM in prod. This AM when I came into the office after running an image upload overnight my FOG server would not longer allow a login. When I navigated to the site I got re-directed to the following URL:


    I then found out that after this issue occured my VM had a major issue and I couldn’t even get into the Konsole or past what appeared to be nearly a blank screen.

    Realizing that I was SOL I wanted to start looking up way of restoring images. I have determined that the VDI where the images are stored is readable and I should be able to extract them. I wanted to know if anyone had any experience in restoring images from nothing more than files and folders in FOG.

    My idea thus far is to re-crate a DB entry for the various images I lost with the same name as before and then simply copy the known working images into the Images folder in my new and working install of FOG.


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    Did you still need help?

  • It’s likely your DB just needs restarted. Typically this happens with Ubuntu based systems. We have a fix for it here:

    For the images, yeah you can easily copy those off, and put them on a new system. You’d just re-create what we call the “Image Definition” to exactly point to the right directory, have all the right settings as was originally set.

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    I’m about an hour out.

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    When I get home o can probably help.

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