SOLVED Git 7917: web root for new storage node

  • Ok this is a very small thing but I am enjoying this disk cloning solution, so I hope my small newbie contributions help a bit.

    In GIT (trunk) version7917 on Debian 8. When adding a new storage node, the field Web Root is blank. The wiki does not tell what the value should be by default. After trial and error I found out it should be /fog in there, not blank. After typing that and saving, it connects in the dashboard and starts replicating after a while, just as advertised.

    I made the storage node on a QNAP NAS, inside a Debian virtual machine using the QNAP “Virtualization Station” app that comes free with the NAS and followed the FOG wiki for install instructions. Works fine!

    The /fog value for Web Root should be a default I think, so you don’t have to guess when adding a storange node. Keep up the good work, greetings from Holland.


  • Senior Developer

    Done and completed. Not really a “bug” persay but still a good thing to do. Sorry I didn’t do it sooner.

  • This is confusing to new-comers. I have a feature request for this very issue, right here:

    Give that thread some love.

  • i typed


    mine is working with that set

    I think there was a request made to fill it in by default, then the sysadmin could change it if needed, but /fog is what my storage node is using