Create a Driver Database based on hardware id

  • Maybe it’s an idea to add a database of drivers based on hardware id.
    I followed the guide for the auto driver install and this works like a charm.
    Only searching for the drivers is a lot of work. And i’m shure that i’ts work that has allready been done by someone else.

    I now have 3 different types of hardware that i managed to select the drivers, but a simple website with an index of the drivers sorted by manufacture number and hardware id as needed for the Auto driver install would be verry handy.

    Kind regard

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    @Lee-Rowlett I only included the bits of the script that were relevant for the task at hand, there are other error and environment checking bits that are not shown. But you are right the partitions may move around so that is why I assigned them to a variable that could be adjusted with a fancy select statement. It does work with win10 if you use the unattend.xml script function.

  • I’m using the c:\Drivers in windows10 without a problem.

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    @george1421 that’s the same approach i’ve taken for my driver script very similar in fact - only thing i’d suggest is your script is assuming main partition is always /dev/sda2 so wouldn’t work where it is not for like example EFI apart from that our scripts are pretty identical :-) nice work :-) i didn’t even realise DevicePath was no longer used in windows 10 - so thanks for that :-)

    T/here is definitely a need for a Driver plugin or to incorporate FOG handling drivers and we’ve known that, we’ll see what the future may bring, in all honesty - it’s fighting to find the time and resources. :-)

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    I’ve written a kb article that describes a process that is based on the wiki you mentioned. This kb takes the install in a different direction. My process doesn’t rely on vendor or hardware ID for proper installation. For Dell computers it works very will, some of the other vendors you have to do a little work to get the drivers into a sane state.

    Also on that kb there is a link if you have dell hardware they place all of their driver cab file links on one page.

    If you have Lenvov computers, good luck that site is a bad mess. HP is not too bad.

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    You could use something like Snappy Driver Installer as an alternative to that method if you have tons of different devices.

    The method of the wiki is best for environments where there’s a limited diversity in devices I feel.

  • Yep that would be great, I could build a small website with all the drivers. So other people could search the database to.
    Only problem would be where to host it?
    As it would generate some traffic :-s.

  • If you want I can deliver my database containing most of the Dell computers from the last 6 years until today. 64 bit drivers.

    I added some extra code to the auto install driver script because some drivers are not detected. For example touchpad drivers, audio drivers, …

    After the auto install script I also add the latest DisplayLink, Flash, I add Ninite so the clients have the latest freeware, I add Mcafee client, I change Firewall settings, I add the option so Windows will update office drivers, force the start of the Fog client after a reboot, Auto install Lanschool on the channel of the computers classroom, …

    Kind regards,
    Johan Jacobs

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