Windows 10 Upload image troubleshooting

  • I am using the FOG Trunk version 7847. My image settings are Windows 10 for the Operating System and Mutli Part-Single Disk (not resizable) for the Image type. I am getting stuck at the <Processing Hard Disk: /dev/sda> screen during image upload… I have not successfully uploaded a Windows 10 image. I used the Microsoft Media Creation Tool to create USB Media to install Windows 10, ran Audit Mode and customized my image the ran sysprep w/ answer file.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I need to image 90 computers for the school district I work for and was wanting to upgrade to Windows 10.

    Regards, Luke

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    Even though it states it, I can not find a partclone.log file in /var/log…

    This is only on the client - temporary. As soon as you reboot after the error the log is gone. But there won’t be any valuable information other than what you have in the picture already!

    I am getting this same problem/error on 3 different computers all with 80 GB hard drives.

    Well then I guess your image is corrupted as I see this is failing on restore. Try uploading the image again! Maybe your FOG server disk is full? What do you get from df -h on the FOG server?

  • @Bad-Day Try to restore the image to another computer.

  • Even though it states it, I can not find a partclone.log file in /var/log… I am getting this same problem/error on 3 different computers all with 80 GB hard drives. One of the computers is the same computer I used to create the image and upload, just put a different hard drive in it to try imaging to it. I am confused, and appreciate the help… Luke

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    It could also be Memory on the client. THe file get’s decompressed into a fifo item. This fifo is straight up memory space. If the information is coming from an invalid/corrupt portion of memory, this could occur as well. (Hence the threads suddenly aborting.)

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    @Bad-Day Can you post /var/log/partclone.log here?

    From what I can tell of what this seems to say so far though, it seems to point to either the image or the source/target HDD having issues (most likely broken sectors?)

  • @Quazz gets to 44.98 and crashes to that screen. I am using 80 GB HDs, different brands. The computer I prepared the image and uploaded was also a 80 GB… Any ideas, Luke

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    @Bad-Day Does the top bar reach the end?

    The percentage is about total progress, but a bunch of it will simply be empty space which takes virtually no time to complete, so it’s possible it’s jumping from 44% to 100%.

    If that is not the case then I’m guessing you imaged a larger drive than the one you’re trying to deploy to.

  • 0_1464271691743_fog error.jpg
    Any idea what this error is when trying to image a computer? I have tried imaging multiple computer, it get to 444 percent then doesn’t complete. When the computer restarts it says winload.exe is missing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Luke

  • @Bad-Day Yes lol. Run fixparts prior to uploading.

    Alternatively, zero-out the drive with FOG’s normal-wipe task, or use DBAN, then build your image.

    The problem happens because Windows Setup sucks at going from GPT to MBR. It doesn’t do it cleanly.

  • You two are geniuses! When I grow up I what to be just like you guys. Fixpart found some left over GPT crap and deleted it, and now it is uploading the image. Can you tell me what I should have done in the first place so this wouldn’t have happened?

    Thanks, Luke

  • @Bad-Day Going off of what Tom said, set the upload task as debug, do this on the confirmation page.

    Then at the shell prompt, issue the command fixparts /dev/sda and follow onscreen instructions. When that’s done, type fog and then [Enter] through all the phases.

  • Thanks for the your reply, If I go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management, and select Disk Management, right-click on Disk 0 and select Properties. Select the Volumes tab. The Partition style is Master Boot Record (MBR).

    Which partition type do I want? Thanks, Luke

  • Senior Developer

    My guess, you changed partition layout from GPT to MBR.

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