After Imaging Windows Setup error on Fog Build 7709

  • Since yesterday when i updated fog to latest build, I am not able to successfully install windows on any new machines. I am getting error as seen in screensshot. It was working absolutely fine on same hardware before updating the fog to this latest build.0_1463676748226_IMG_6335.JPG

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    If you want to disable globally
    FOG Configurations->FOG Settings->FOG Client - XXXXXXX
    For now just disable all FOG Client sections individually

    Or you can do on a host by host basis (probably what you want for this test)
    Host Management -> List all Hosts -> {Select your host}
    Then from the left menu select Service Settings and then uncheck all under service configuraiton.

  • @george1421 Sorry to ask this but how do i disable fog client through webgui just to isolate the issue.

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    @fry_p It does sounds like the fog client IS changing the system while its still in the initial startup stages.

    This is just me thinking out loud: but what would happen if you disabled all of the fog client functions in the FOG webgui so there was nothing for the fog client to do. If the client was at fault, then there would be nothing to do. Understand the client won’t connect to the domain or rename itself but the idea is to try to isolate the fog client actions out of the picture.

    If you don’t have the fog client installed on the target computer then I’m doubting that updating FOG caused this specific error.

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    @chetansays What FOG client are you using? 0.10.6 goes too fast for sysprep. I recently learned it was best practice to disable the FOG service on your image and re-enable after sysprep using the setupcomplete.cmd script. Here is the Wiki page on it: