Securing Active Directory integration

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    [][FONT=Tahoma]FOG version .32 [/FONT]
    ][FONT=Tahoma]Installed and working near as I can tell on Ubuntu 12.04 (shouldn’t make a difference)[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Tahoma]Window 7 x64 workstation used to recompile hostname change module[/FONT]

    [FONT=Tahoma]Trying to follow the instructions from the wiki site carefully but I am encountering all sorts of roadblocks with the process to generate a new passkey for encryption. [/FONT][FONT=Tahoma]This page has the instruction in the AD section:[/FONT]
    []Microsoft Studio 2010 Express Visual C# edition doesn’t seem to want to load the FOG Service Installler. I get an error message that indicates that one of the components isn’t compatible with my version of Visual Studio. The first part about changing the passkey and rebuilding the Hostname changer seems to work properly.
    ]With a trial copy of Microsoft Studio 2010 I get a little further. The FogService.sln file loads without error and I can change the specified properties but building the FOG Service Installer results in an error trying to locate a file called blank.jpg
    [*]Just for grins I put an empty text file named blank.jpg in the expected location. This got rid of the error but then I had 6 warnings indicating trouble finding .net framework 2.0 and complaining that multiple objects have the same target location. In either case the necessary files expected per the instructions are not generated in the release folder.
    Can someone at least confirm that the instructions work with the .32 download package? I suspect that I am either missing or misinterpreting part of the instructions. It will help to hear from someone that it still works as advertised before I continue to bang my head against the wall. Perhaps I should try this on a workstation with W7x32 or even XP. All of the forum/blog references I find point right back to the fogproject wiki.



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  • I just ran into this issue trying to compile with Visual Studio 2013. In 2011 MS announced they would not longer support Visual Studio Installer Projects in future VS versions. However, due to rather loud customer feedback they ended up created an extension that could open those projects.


    I’ve installed the extension and tested it out with VS 2013 Pro and it works great. The FOG service installer project loads and compiles successfully. I didn’t test it with the Express version so I can’t confirm if everything is OK in that environment, but at least it is possible.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, I also received the build error with blank.jpg. I simply deleted the reference from the solution explorer and then rebuilt the solution. Everything built correctly. The jpg was likely being used as a graphic in the installer, but is not likely to be critical. The newly built service installed with no issues.

  • I"m having issues compiling the fog service installer. Has anyone had any success with this? Also curious if it is better to move/copy the hostnamechange.sln to the host system? Thanks in advance

  • [quote=“Jordan Rumph, post: 4527, member: 1473”]Did anyone ever find a resolution for this? I have the exact same config as the OP but no access to a Pro version of Visual Studio. I have the exact same error.[/quote]

    There are ‘issues’ with mixing and matching .net dependencies on Windows 7 to begin with and they have to be installed/slipstreamed in the order they are released. 1.0 --> 2.0 --> 3.0 --> 3.5 --> 4.0

    If you go into Event Viewer you should see a bunch of WMI warnings and errors. For some unknown reason 7 will unregister the wrong DLL’s if the staged deployment of .Net updates isn’t followed in the order they are given. You can attempt to repair WMI, but it’s usually safest if you just wipe and rebuild.

    Build your baseline first

    • OS, fixes and patch level to X date
    • Then worry about applications after.

    Ryans VM has some excellent guides on the subject and his method works will all available deployment platforms to build a solid and fast OS baseline for XP, Vista and 7.


  • I have not found a way to build the installer, but you could simply replace the hostnamechanger.dll file in your sysprep’d image from the first part of the tutorial after you generate the new hostnamechanger.dll. I have not had a chance to test this as of yet. If anyone has a moment please let me know how you make out.

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  • I have the same problem with Visual Studio Express 2008 Visual C# and Visual Studio Express 2010 Visual C# that they don’t like the .vdproj file in the fog service folder. Thus meaning I cannot complete the walk through on the wiki pages to securing active directory integration please can any one help to fix this error so that I can change the default passkey.

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    I downloaded Visual Studio Express 2008 Visual C# Edition and tried to go through the steps in the wiki. I was stopped when trying to build the Fog Service Installer project. Evidently, VS 2008 Exp. Ed. doesn’t like .vdproj files and won’t proceed.

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    Did you try the Express version of 2008?

    I don’t know if the Express version will work, but it’s worth a try. I think you’ll need the C# package.

  • Did anyone ever find a resolution for this? I have the exact same config as the OP but no access to a Pro version of Visual Studio. I have the exact same error.

  • All is well with the world now! Had to revert to Visual Studio 2008 Professional on a Windows 7 32 bit box.