SOLVED A method to protect the images?

  • Hi there guys!
    A month ago , I linked my NAS with the FOG-server.
    So my images are now standing on the NAS.

    To deploy these image , you need to give all clients rights to this map.
    Is there a possibility to protect these images? That students don’t delete this images on the NAS? Does it going to give problem if you give them only READ-rights?


  • @boeleke It’ll cause problems whenever you want to change anything with an image.

  • @Wayne-Workman

    Mostly all my images are made from a XenServer.
    So as i give this XenServer & Fog read/write … and the clients just read , it will be fine?

    Its only going to give problems if i’m going to upload an image from a client :)?

  • @boeleke Read rights is probably fine (444). Just have to remember that whenever you want to change images or delete them or upload, you need to set it back to 777.

    Try it and see?

    For future readers, there is also an option to protect accidental deletion in the WEB GUI using the “Protect image” option.