Hosts not imaging - HELP

  • @Junkhacker it appears to be just a dell - no vm. and the previous admin didn’t say it was.

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    are you running ubuntu directly on a compter, or is it in a VM?

  • @Junkhacker I’m afraid I’m not the sharpest tool here. I’ve been IT for a while but more desktop support and hardware. It took me a while just to figure out to do some basic Ubuntu tasks. I may not be able to do it - but I’m game for a try.

    My apologies for my newbieness.

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    i forgot how the init for fog 1.2.0 wasn’t always the most informative.
    do you have a way to backup/restore the server and are you willing to try using the development build of fog?

  • @Junkhacker And If I need to do it again and take each picture and then make sure they’re in order, I would be more than happy.
    It’s a weird situation, I don’t even have two monitors (no spares here) and have to use an old TV/monitor in this little room where the server sits.

  • @Junkhacker No, I’m sorry they are not in the right order.

    I did the debug w/image several times, but these were taken from the first try. And yes I did type FOG more than once, and then it would come back with ‘no active task’, as explained to me.

    Sometimes I would have to hit Enter more than once to get it to move to the next step. I took the pictures each time I hit Enter as I recall.

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    are those all in the right order? also, did you type “fog” more than once?

  • @Sebastian-Roth I get it - not trying to be difficult. Just posted to GoodGuyQ in the thread.

    Thank you

  • @GoodGuyQ
    Believe me guys - I’m not trying to be difficult, I wasn’t sure how to get them posted.
    I did go to Imgur and here’s the link:

    I think this is an awesome product and I greatly appreciate everyone’s responsiveness and interest. Thank you very much.
    This is really strange - it certainly seems like it should work.

    Thanks again.

  • @prestop You can open the images in paint, select all, copy, then paste here.

    If you did a debug deploy and you eventually got to a prompt, that means it finished its task. It either had errors or it finished the task without errors…Also, there is a log file in /var/log/forgotname.log on the client you are running the debug on.

    PS I forgot to mention, I do not actually use DNS in my setup.

  • I agree with Sebastian. It’s really hard to help without pictures or video or a direct copy/paste… and sometimes copy/paste isn’t easily possible.

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    @prestop I don’t understand why you refuse to share the pictures. I might look all fine for your eyes but possibly we see things you are not aware of yet. I am more than willing to help out (otherwise I wouldn’t be active in the forums) but I refuse to help without getting information. This is no personal thing - so please don’t get me wrong. I’d love to help you out. But reading all your posts over and over I just don’t know enough to be able to help.

    I am not saying that we’ll be able to fix things for you the second you post pictures but you increase the chance of getting help a lot!

  • @Junkhacker
    If they have been replaced or corrupted by images that don’t contain data is there a way to find the original image(s) that were used? Previous admin says all was well and working. I haven’t really touched it other than to try and image some clients.
    I would share the screens but there are no error messages there - everything move right along except no partclone.

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    typing “fog” after it has finished it’s task will make it try to do the task again, only this time the server will say that the task isn’t valid (because it’s already finished).
    if you’re having trouble sharing images on the forum, you can post your images to an image hosting site like imgur and share the links.
    i would guess that the first image on your server is a non-re-sizable image based on it’s size.
    it’s possible that the other two have been uploaded with images that don’t contain any data.

  • @Sebastian-Roth
    OK - I have my photos of screens, but, they don’t show any errors.

    Created download-debug task - deployed.
    Client connected and did indeed run through its tasks, and I press enter when prompted. And then I get to the final prompt and type fog:
    and it boots and starts over again.

    Sorry not sure how to get screens into the reply. But again, no errors to report.

    The one weird thing I did see was in my Image Management: I have three images one of them says:
    Image on Client - 453.99GiB Image on Server - 33.96GiB
    the other two say:
    Image on Client - 0.0iB Image on Server - 17.95Gib

    I thought that was odd but not sure.

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    also, you can test if it’s the fog menu exit type that’s causing the issue by unplugging the computer from the network and rebooting. if it boots when it’s not connected to the network, the problem is the exit type.

  • @Sebastian-Roth
    Understood, thank you.

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    @prestop Yes, try debug deploy and take pictures while it goes. We definitely need information on the errors you see. Please understand, there is no chance we can help you without knowing what’s actually going wrong. “Didn’t work”, “comes back with an error” or such phrases don’t help at all!!!

    After a proper deploy there should be a bootable OS on the disk - if your image was ok! So Booting from local disk from the menu should be just fine.

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    it’s been a while since i ran 1.2.0 (i and most people who provide support on the forums run development builds) so my directions might be a bit rusty, but i believe that under the advanced tasks menu in the fog web gui there should be a download with debug task. please run that one.

  • @Junkhacker
    I didn’t know I could do a image with dbug. I thought the task was either/or. I will try that now. Thank you.

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